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Snippet Four: Opposites

find myself pacing the floors now. There have been more and more recent arrivals, and this bothers me. Yes, of course it bolsters my forces, but what could this be a sign of? For my ranks to swell so suddenly...what must be going on, in other places?

I look out over the courtyard, and find myself grimacing. The New Ones are camped there...companies of them. Enough to form an entire brigade. I stretch my wings as I sigh, this seemingly happy sight making me crawl even deeper into my depression. Yes, I rule here. My throne is of the most ebon wood, my palace...yes, my palace. It has struck fear into the hearts of many. Few people who are not garrisoned here, even in my own realm, enjoy this place. But it is the place that I call my own. The wings of those around me are interesting. All wings are different. Some are misshapen, so that those who have them cannot fly. I stretch my wings out to full length, and smile. I am probably in that group, but I would not know. I walk where I need to go. I am their Commander, yes. That makes me superior. However, I also care. Ironic, considering what I am Commander of.

If only they knew that I cried. If only they knew why I cried, if they ever knew I did. I walk down to the ground level of the palace, and out into the courtyard. Immediately, people scatter out of my way, for fear that I will find them wanting. They are scared, and they do not know where they are, or what their purpose now is. I was once like them. I was once scared.

A short tour, then I step back into the palace. One of my advisors is waiting. His wings are huge. Graceful in the extreme. Watching him bow was nothing short of watching a performance. What made me smile is that he did not know he was being flamboyant. He merely thought of it as respect, and I took it as the same.

"Beobachter." I nodded in his direction, and he nodded back, before speaking.

"My lord." My mouth turned down slightly. I hated to be called that, but I did not interrupt him. "Our supply projections, you must know, are now completely thrown off. This sudden growth in population--"

"Yes, I know." I did. We would have to somehow come by more food. This was far easier said than done. This place, as would suit its inhabitants, sits in a land that is devoid of plantlife, devoid of any nonpoisonous animal. All food was shipped in from outside. Allies and trading partners were few and far between, and most things were taken from the other Realms. "How many?" I said, referring to the number of New Ones.

"Enough for another division, lord." Another division? My eyes widened a bit, and Beobachter nodded. That incredible number of new recruits. Suspecting my next question, Beobachter continued. "We can have them battle-trained in as little as a month and a half." I noticed his wording, and my gaze made it plain. Battle-trained. Not Battle-ready. "We do not have the equipment for all of them...again, this will have to be gained through raids."

I tired of this. "Thank you...please, write a report and submit it to me. Good job organizing them, by the way."

I wanted to walk away then, but he bowed again, and I had to watch. So graceful, yet given what we all were, this should be impossible. After he bowed, then my feet carried me back to the throne, where I sat, and looked at the Time. Not the clock, for things such as that could not be made or found here. I simply pulled out Time and glanced at it. Barely midmorning. I sat back and closed my eyes.

The beginning of another day at The Fortress of the Fallen.
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