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Snippet One: Things That Matter

This one is a timed writing, seeing as how I need to get to sleep, so that I don't fall asleep at work.

"Negative. Continue with your sensor scan." The Corporal informed his squad. They had just asked to take part in the offensive that involved the rest of their company. No, their orders were to remain in Alpha Zone of this planet, and scan for signs of life--besides the aliens. Even during a war, science continued. The HUD (Heads-Up Display) built into each of the Space Legion's helmets were set to science mode.

"Corporal Zim, how're we supposed to rack up the kills from way back here?" Private Second Class Rico inquired, in the tone of voice that indicated that a good answer had better be forthcoming. Corporal Zim was just about to blouse (correct) the young upstart for his attitude, when his display turned from science to battle, and a line of text at the bottom of the HUD appeared, saying 'Congratulations, Sergeant. You have been transferred from Squad Leader to Platoon Sergeant'. Corporal Zim nodded grimly. The Sergeant had bought the farm, so the next in line stepped up. Now-Sergeant Zim heard an excamation from Rico. Of course, he would be the new Squad Leader. Zim was excited. He could begin to do things that mattered, now...

"Well, you get your wish, Rico, we're head to sector Charlie!" Zim began to run, followed by the rest of First Squad. "All squads, report!" Zim needed to know what he was running into.

"First Squad, all present." Of course, Rico had to be a smart-ass.

"Second Squad, taking heavy fire! We're losing our guys, left and right! We--" Zim didn't need to hear all that. He cut the comm to hear Third Squad's report.

"Third Squad, all present. We're guarding the Ell-Tee." The Ell-Tee, or LT, Or lieutenant, wouldn't be getting his hands dirty. Zim would be damned if a Squad from his platoon (for now, it was his, even if only for the past ninety seconds) was going to pull an easy detail.

"Sergeant Zim to Third Squad. Come join us on the battlefield. Direct Order." Zim continued to run. The fighting was audible now.


Sergeant Zim sprayed another of the wretched aliens with a clip from his mag-pistol. The fighting was getting bad. He had lumped his platoon into two squads, for they had lost too many to remain effective as three. Zim heard screams from the rear of the battle, just as another line of text flashed on his HUD: "Congratulations, Lieutennant. You have been transferred from Platoon Sergeant to Platoon Officer". Right below it was another line of text. Zim couldn't believe it: "Congratulations, Captain. You have been transferred from Platoon Officer to Company Commander". Zim was ecstatic! He could make a difference now! He could turn the tide of war in his favor! He could be known as a hero! He never saw the alien rush up to him.


Across the battlefield, Corporal Bivin was startled to see a line flash in his HUD: "Congratulations, Sergeant. You have been transferred from Squad Leader to Platoon Sergeant". Bivvin was happy. Maybe now he could do things that mattered...


Why the hell did I wirte that? I don't know...I'm too tired to remember writing most of it. Is there a moral in there? Damned if I know. Any thoughts on this ramble, by all means comment.
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