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Snippet Two: Choices

The Angel looked upon the frozen scene of the battle before him. There were two figures there, fighting with swords. One dressed in blue, who went by the name of Alakais, and one dressed in mostly red, who went by Nurli. Alakais was leading a rebellion against the harsh dictatorial government of Nurli. A momentous occasion, and a great turning point in history. At times like this, God liked to send an Angel down to make a decision. God's Book was written already, of course. Few people knew this, and fewer Angels still, but God also owned an eraser. In any case, the Angel could look to his left, and see the future as it was if Alakais succeeded. It started out fine...Alakais was an excellent ruler, and the country prospered greatly. However...after a generation or two, the country was in even worse ruins than it had been under Nurli, with little hope of that ever changing for at least a millenia. The Angel looked to his right, and saw the future should Alakais fail. Nurli grew even worse, bringing horrible and senseless destruction upon his people. But after his death, a long line of benevolent Kings began...a good future, for at least a millenia.

The Angel touched upon the ground, and looked back at his glowing blue footprints--a sign that he had been there, showing his every move. He stumbled, and blue marks were left where his hands and side touched. After picking himself up, he studies the two men. A slight change in the angle of either of the swords would produce the desired effect. The Angel studied them carefully--the obvious choice would be to let Nirli succeed...but the Angel hesitated. What if, two millenia down the road, life went back to being horrible, much more horrible? The Angel was not gifted with infinite foresight...a millenia was more or less it. He froze. How was he to decide? How could he? He was an Angel, yes, and that carried with it some clout, certainly, but he was not God.

The Angel began to sweat. What to do? Well, there was always a third option--he could leave the two alone, and let what happens happen...but was that allowed? He was sent here to make a choice...was the choice to not make a choice a choice? The Angel put a hand to his forehead. That train of thought would run out of track very quickly. The Angel studied the scene for an amount of time that, were time moving at the moment, galaxies would have ran into each other, black holes would have been formed, and the very planet the Angel was standing on would have long been destroyed in the Rapture.

At long last, the Angel moved. He turned around, took flight, and flew back to the Throne of the Lord. There was an Archangel standing there, looking sad. The Archangel spoke, and mountains moved. "Jochraim. You have made a horrible, horrible mistake."

The Angel, Jochraim, looked stunned. "What?"

The Archangel shook his head. "You looked to your left, and saw one future. You looked to your right, and saw another. Why did you not look behind you? Did you even realize that not doing anything was a choice in itself, and would have its own future? One that you would be able to see?"

Jochraim was speechless, and just shook his head.

"If that had been your only mistake, perhaps you could have passed. You also completely ignored a fourth option. Why not take the swords form both men? Or perhaps move them to opposite sides of the planet? Or kill them both? These were all errors you made." The Archangel looked down at Jochraim.

"W-w-what was my punishment determined to be?" Jochraim saw the sadness in the Archangel's eyes, and cried out to the Throne. "No! Please, Lord, one more--"

Jochraim let out a cry of pain as his wings slowly burned down to stumps. His cry only intensified as the fire continued to burn at him, and he disintegrated, so slowly.

The Archangel shook his head. "He really believed that the Lord would give him a second chance after such a screwup."

The Archangel shook his head. All of the newer Angels were coming with a horrible preconception. He voiced it aloud.

"Why do they always assume that the Lord is loving? Men have said that the Lord is loving, yes...but He has never said it..."
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